The meeting of CROSS-MEDIA BIG DATA JOINT LABORATORY in the new semester of 2019


 On February 25, the CROSS-MEDIA BIG DATA JOINT LABORATORY held a new semester meeting for the second semester of the 2018-2019 academic year. The meeting was presided over by teacher Wang, and the main content was about the work arrangement of lab members in the new semester.

 At the meeting, teacher Wang made clear the specific work of each laboratory member in this semester based on the research direction of the laboratory and the research content of each member, and gave detailed suggestions and guidance on how to carry out the research. Teacher Wang especially emphasized that we should not have the psychology of dependence when working together in scientific research, and we should maintain individual independence so as to improve our own level in the continuous progress of scientific research.

Finally, teacher Chen summarized the previous work on the implementation of the code, and put forward valuable Suggestions for further standardizing the code.

The road of scientific research is long and arduous, and we should always keep in mind that  no pains, no gains.