CICAI 2021 | Call for Papers


    Sponsored by China Society for artificial intelligence (CAAI), the CAAI International Conference on Artificial Intelligence (CICAI 2021) will be held at Hangzhou, China on May 29th-30th, 2021. The conference aims to promote in-depth exchanges and mutual inspiration between domestic and foreign academic colleagues, and lead the development trend of AI disruptive theories, methods and technologies.

    Academic researchers in the field of artificial intelligence have active academic ideas, abundant research energy and open communication attitude. The global international academic exchange platform will greatly enhance the driving force of interdisciplinary, interdisciplinary and cross regional interdisciplinary of researchers in the field of artificial intelligence, and enhance the depth and breadth of academic exchange. This is exactly the original intention of holding CICAI 2021: to stimulate new ideas, implement new ideas, integrate into the new pattern, and join in the new era.

    The Chinese Society for artificial intelligence is committed to enhancing the international influence of China's national strategy, disruptive theoretical methods and technologies of artificial intelligence. This year, we will take the global artificial intelligence technology conference as the basic platform and the opportunity of CICAI 2021 to attract high-quality academic resources, refine the cutting-edge academic themes, and actively promote the exchange and cooperation of international top academic organizations.

    The conference is now inviting academic colleagues to contribute and share new achievements around the cutting-edge theory and application of artificial intelligence.

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